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Soul Sisters Podcast: Arthur Moon on Why 'Weird' Is a Good Thing

Vivian Wang
Arthur Moon 

"I really hope it's weird," Arthur Moon, aka Lora-Faye Ashuvud, tells us about her new EP Our Head, an electro-rock experience that can feel as trippy as Ashuvud's bouts with migraine-induced aphasia, which cause her to speak nonsensically but have helped her appreciate the experience of  "feeling disoriented," like riding a roller coaster or falling in love.

"Music is the place where that happens the most profoundly," she adds.

On this episode of Soul Sisters, Ashuvud describes the early days of trying to make it as a musician full-time ("I was living with my mom, so it worked. But..."), the empowerment of attending the all-women's Smith College ("I didn't miss the men at all...dudes just take up a lot of space in class") and the perils of a misleading Wikipedia page ("People speak Swedish to me and I'm like...'Ya...?'").

Listen to the full episode below, hosted by Darah Golub and Jessie Katz, and be sure to subscribe to Soul Sisters on iTunes for all upcoming episodes!