Latin Connection Podcast: Adriel Favela Talks Politically Charged Single 'Me Llamo Juan,' New Album & More

Latin Connection Podcast: Adriel Favela
Ernesto Olivares

Latin Connection Podcast: Adriel Favela

The Latin Connection Podcast gets political with special guest Adriel Favela, whose new single "Me llamo Juan" is an ode to the immigrant community in the United States. 

"It all stems from just realizing the political state we live in," the Billboard Latin Music Awards finalist says on Billboard's Latin Connection Podcast. "I mean, look at who we named president? It certainly prompts some sort of fear or sense of insecurity in the Latin/immigrant community."

The track, with a powerful music video filmed on the Tijuana/U.S. border, focuses on Juan, a hard-working immigrant who crossed for a shot at the American Dream. "We all know a Juan. He or she is the field worker, a job not many are willing to do, a doctor, a cook ... My mom is a Juan. She came here with nothing to open a field of opportunities for me, an American-born citizen."

"Me llamo Juan" will be part of the 24-year-old's forthcoming album Azul Se Mira. Listen to our candid conversation with Adriel Favela in the latest episode of Latin Connection Podcast, in which he talks about his newfound interest in politics and more.

If you haven't watched the "Me llamo Juan" music video, check it out below: