Pop Shop Podcast: Against the Current Is Fueled By Ramen's Next Alternative Pop Force

Pop Shop Podcast featuring: Against the Current
Andrew Lipovsky

Pop Shop Podcast featuring: Against the Current

Welcome to the new episode of the Pop Shop Podcast’s Headliner Interview, Billboard's weekly long-form talk with a compelling, inspirational voice in the world of music. This week, staff writer Chris Payne sits down with rising alternative pop trio Against the Current.

Remember when Fueled By Ramen was popping off, launching the career of scene bands like Fall Out Boy and Paramore? Well, it’s still scoring (remember how well Panic! at the Disco’s 2016 album did?) and Poughkeepsie, New York’s Against the Current is perhaps the brightest young hope on the roster of the Atlantic imprint. And they really are young! Members Chrissy Costanza, Dan Gow and Will Ferri came together in 2011 while they were still in high school, learned to write songs in their basements and used YouTube go grow a sizable audience for those songs. 

“I remember kids finding our videos and showing them to teachers,” Ferri says. “I would just walk into a classroom and you’d see our video playing -- cause it had like a million views -- and just go, whoa!” 

A couple years later,  those same feelings hit when they left the tri-state area and found fans across the globe with a similar fascination to their music. “Our Japanese fans don’t speak English primary,” Costanza explains. “They’ll translate a sentence before coming and say something like, ‘Thank you for coming to our country.’ It’s like, you're welcome. Thanks for coming to our show!”

The well-adjusted trio is in the thick of its first headlining tour behind In Our Bones, their debut full length released earlier this year. Listen to the band dish on what fans can expect at its soon-to-come North American dates. Other discussion topics include their prolific covers series, fitting in as pop kids on this year’s Warped Tour and Constanza’s New York Giants superfandom. 

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