Soul Sisters Podcast: Rickie Lee Jones Reclaims Her Place in a 'Sexist, Misogynist World'

Soul Sisters Podcast featuring: Rickie Lee Jones
David McClister 

Soul Sisters Podcast featuring: Rickie Lee Jones 

"What’s interesting about me is who I am, not how I look," says Rickie Lee Jones, aka "The Duchess of Coolsville," on this episode of Soul Sisters. "It’s a sexist, misogynist world, and the business is that way, too."

While promoting her first album of original material in over ten years, The Other Side of Desire, Jones is challenging the public to acknowledge her legacy in the music industry, one she began building when her debut album hit the pop world like a meteor and snagged her a Best New Artist Grammy in 1980.

Here she talks candidly about how it felt to go from "the queen of girls" to largely unknown by recent generations; struggling with fame and its ugly underbelly of loneliness and addiction; writing the epic break-up album Pirates after enduring one with Tom Waits, and many more poignant moments from a career that Jones promises is far from over - including a U.S. tour next March with Madeleine Peyroux.

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