Soul Sisters Podcast: Chrysta Bell on Being David Lynch's Muse (and Vice Versa)

Chrysta Bell
David Lynch

Soul Sisters podcast featuring: Chrysta Bell

"It was like, 'What is going on in my little body right now?!'" Chrysta Bell remembers thinking the first time she heard the theme music to David Lynch's Twin Peaks. Little did she know back in the '80s that she would eventually become a major collaborator of Lynch's, both musically (he co-wrote and produced her latest EP Somewhere in the Nowhere) and, as fate would have it, as a cast member in his Twin Peaks reboot for Showtime, due to hit the small screen in 2017.

Bell joined Soul Sisters at NYC's Chord Club to tell us how this all came about amid an already eclectic and exciting career -- and how the poised and enigmatic persona she inhabits today is a far cry from the awkward girl with "head gear" she remembers growing up as in San Antonio, Texas. Lynch couldn't have written her story better himself. 

Listen to the full episode hosted by Jessie Katz and Darah Golub below, which includes Bell's live performance of two songs off Somewhere in the Nowhere, and be sure to subscribe to our iTunes channel for all future episodes!