Soul Sisters Podcast: Christine Ebersole on Her Marijuana-Fueled SNL Audition, Finding Crazy Success Over Forty

Soul Sisters podcast featuring: Christine Ebersole
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Soul Sisters podcast featuring: Christine Ebersole

Christine Ebersole is not only a two-time Tony-winning actor, but also starred in some of our favorite movies of the '90s (Richie Rich anyone?) and even starred in Saturday Night Live back in the Eddie Murphy days. She joined Soul Sisters at NYC's Chord Club in advance of her upcoming residency at the Café Carlyle to chat about her astounding body of work, which has only accelerated since an agent in L.A. once told her she was too old to get good roles anymore. (This was before she won those two Tony's, by the way.)

You can hear Ebersole describe how her SNL audition was a little different from the traumatizing stories we're used to hearing ("We went and watched some tapes, and smoked a joint. That was it") and how shooting a scene in Ally McBeal in which Lucy Liu called her an "old woman" inspired a seismic change in her life and career. ("You gotta get out of here," she told herself, moving back to New York six months later.)

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