Pop Shop Podcast: Sad13 Shares Her Must-Hear Music Recs & Talks Solo Debut 'Slugger'

Pop Shop Podcast featuring: Sadie Dupuis of Sad13
Shervin Lainez

Pop Shop Podcast featuring: Sadie Dupuis of Sad13

The Pop Shop Podcast is excited to present the first episode that folds the two-year-old Must-Hear Music into the Pop Shop Podcast, which recently celebrated its third anniversary. Today's roundup of music recommendations comes courtesy of Sad13 a.k.a. Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz.

Chatting with Billboard staffer Joe Lynch, Sad13 (pronounced "sad thirteen") shares a stylistically eclectic list of contemporary songs she's been digging. It's everything from the soulful electronic songcraft of Nao to Dreezy's takedown of a drunk-texting ex ("Wasted") to Shamir's jangly guitar foray "Tryna Survive" to the hypnotic tidal waves of noise from Chicago's Melkbelly.

In addition to giving us a slew of songs to chew on, Dupuis also talks about her solo album as Sad13, Slugger, and why she stepped back from Speedy Ortiz (and guitars) for a minute to focus on laptop electronics in her bedroom. Despite Slugger's origins outside a fancy recording studio, the final product is hardly a lo-fi listen; it sounds more intimate than a full-band album, yes, but her eschew pop melodies and ear for seamless song construction allow Slugger a full-bodied sound you might not expect from a DIY album. We also chat about her move from NYC to Philly, why horror movies play into the lyrics on Slugger, and what she's thinking/worrying about re: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Listen to the Must-Hear Music edition of the Pop Shop Podcast above (a MHM edition of Pop Shop will be coming out every Friday) and check out Sad13's list of music recs below. And grab her solo debut Slugger when it drops Nov. 11.