Soul Sisters Podcast: Sarah Assbring on El Perro Del Mar's Mythical Origins, New Album

Soul Sisters podcast featuring: Sarah Assbring (El Perro del Mar)
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Soul Sisters podcast featuring: Sarah Assbring (El Perro del Mar)

It's been ten years since El Perro del Mar unleashed their Phil Spector-esque '60s-inflected pop on the indie music scene with their self-titled debut album; with a new album, KoKoro, due out in September, Swedish frontwoman Sarah Assbring stopped by Soul Sisters during a brief stint in New York to look back at the crazy decade behind her.

Assbring tells us how, in the midst of an emotional, nearly existential breakdown on a beach in Spain years ago, a stray dog ran up to her and gave her both fresh perspective on life and inspiration for a new band name (El Perro del Mar literally means "dog of the sea" in Spanish.)

"It was a walking metaphor," she explains. "I thought, 'That dog is sweet, that dog has a right to live.' Because that's how I felt. I was kind of like, 'What is my place here? Do I even have a right to exist when I'm feeling like this?'"

"I just had an epiphany of, 'It can be simple, too.' You know? It can be really easy, too. You can make something good out of it. Don't make it so hard."

Listen to the full conversation with Assbring below, hosted by Jessie Katz and Darah Golub and recorded at NYC's Chord Club, including a snippet of El Perro's new single "Breadandbutter." And be sure to subscribe to our iTunes channel to catch all future episodes of Soul Sisters!