Soul Sisters Podcast: Kendra Foster on Parliament-Funkadelic, Writing with D'Angelo and Connecting to Her Destiny on New Album

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Soul Sisters Podcast featuring: Kendra Foster

"It’s very Forrest Gump-y," Kendra Foster says about the ways in which all the pieces of her life have fit together, from her place in mentor George Clinton's legendary Parliament-Funkadelic to her Grammy-winning collaboration with D'Angelo on his acclaimed Black Messiah album, and now her new self-titled LP of songs that embody and build upon everything that came before.

On this episode of Soul Sisters, recorded at NYC's Chord Club, Foster describes "the agitation that was required in the multiverse to get me to change...the disruption of not connecting to my destiny," wherein, at only 20 years old, she went from being a college math major to a jazz and funk singer who was fatefully introduced to Clinton and his band of "lost boys," as she describes the Funkadelic. She even breaks down for us what it really means, in the larger, more spiritual sense of the word, to be a "Delic." 

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"Taking a risk - that’s a large part of what being 'delic' is," she says. And how does that apply to her?

"I’m risking to do soul at a time when soul is given a hard road to hoe - as my mom would say, coming from the country," she laughs. "I have a nice fusion of a lot of elements, which I think is delic as well."

"And, it’s me," she adds. "And I’m a Delic."

Listen to this fully funkadelic conversation below, hosted by Jessie Katz and Darah Golub, which includes a live performance of Foster's new single "Promise to Stay Here." And be sure to subscribe to the Soul Sisters iTunes channel for all future episodes!