Moogfest Roundtable: Gary Numan, The Orb, Quintron and The Body on the Evolution of Electronic Creation

Gary Numan
Courtesy Photo

Gary Numan

Last week, between May 19th and 22nd, Moogfest took over the small town of Durham, North Carolina, bringing a flood of tech-optimists, deep thinkers and many, many talented musicians. The festival's days were spent hosting myriad conversations from those future thinkers and digital theorists, its nights deep in musical reverie.

The idea occurred to me to ask some musicians about how technology's evolution has, or hasn't affected their creative processes. We -- Gary Numan, rave legends The Orb (Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann), New Orleans genius Quintron and beyond-brutal band The Body -- chatted about the prohibitive expense of synthesizers "back in the day," how to put a bee in a helmet, and the incredibly boring distinction between analog and digital electronic creation.