Soul Sisters Podcast: Maggie Rose Will Burn Her Bra in Front Of You

Rob Norris
Soul Sister Podcast featuring: Maggie Rose

"If you want to win the lottery you gotta buy a lottery ticket." 

This kind of sage advice flows easily out of Maggie Rose, who, though still in her 20's, has seen more than her share of ups and downs as a singer/songwriter who refuses to let the music industry package her as just another pretty voice.

On this episode of Soul Sisters, recorded at New York's Chord Club, Rose tells us how she went from being the teenage singer of a Bruce Springsteen cover band to getting a life-changing call from Tommy Mottola that inspired her to drop out of college and move to Nashville, where she tried her best to fit a mold that ended up not fitting her so well at all.

"There was never a discussion about my artistry with anyone who wasn't close to me," she recalls, "but they were hugely influential in the path that I had to take."

Though she initially took the country route, a genre she felt genuinely inspired by for its lyricism and story-telling, she tells us how she "realized that I have listeners out there who are fans of me and not of the genre," hence her new EP, The Variety Show, Vol. 1, which cannot be defined by any one sound - and pretty much sums up where Rose stands as an artist these days. Finally free from the confines of a label, Rose has never felt more assured of herself as a formidable woman to be reckoned with, in life and in business. As she puts it:

"I will burn my bra in front of you - if I didn't need to wear it."

Listen to the full episode below, hosted by Billboard's Jessie Katz, which includes a live performance of two of Rose's songs off the new EP. And be sure to subscribe to our iTunes channel for all future episodes!