Soul Sisters Podcast: Joss Stone Defends Herself as Reggae Artist, Worries about Trump as President

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Joss Stone Soul Sisters Podcast 2016

Joss Stone remembers her exact words when Damian Marley told her, five years ago, that she should record a reggae album.

"Everyone will be so mad with me if I do that!" she said - and sure enough, she was right. Stone's latest album, Water for Your Soul, which Marley helped produce, hit the top of the reggae charts in 2015 and ignited a storm of controversy over what it meant for a white artist to do so well in that category.

"I have received this kind of attitude since I began," she tells us on this episode of Soul Sisters recorded at NYC's Chord Club. "I don't know whether that's because I'm white or because I had a record deal at 15."

Stone speaks candidly on a range of subjects throughout our conversation, from perceived racism to misplaced criticism ("I'm not a model. I'm not here providing a look for you") to her unabashed love for ABC's Once Upon a Time and Lauryn Hill's love-it-or-hate-it MTV Unplugged album. She also wonders aloud what exactly is going on with the American presidential election -- particularly the candidacy of Donald Trump, which is especially perplexing from her British perspective.

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"This guy was on a reality TV show and now he's going to be the president of bloody...that can't happen!" she exclaims, while also dissecting her own motivation for wanting to see Hillary Clinton succeed as a female candidate.

"We do need to stand together," she says. "I think it's important. It should happen more."

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