Soul Sisters Podcast: Ana Gasteyer Isn't Just Pretending To Sing (Though Celine Dion Might Beg to Differ)

Soul Sisters Podcast featuring: Ana Gasteyer
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Soul Sisters Podcast featuring: Ana Gasteyer

We’ve long known that Ana Gasteyer is great at playing musicians, but many would be surprised to know that the former Saturday Night Live star is a pretty damn good one herself.

Gasteyer makes for an unexpected but utterly delightful guest on this episode of Soul Sisters, where she joined us at New York’s Chord Club to give us the full story on where her musical talents originated ("I was mostly a violinist, so that's what I did for years and years -- against my will") and how they got temporarily rerouted into playing the likes of Celine Dion for millions of viewers during her six seasons on SNL. (She also spills on an awkward backstage run-in with Dion back when Gasteyer was spoofing her. "She thought the bit was that I was a bad singer," she says, "which was fantastic, because the whole bit was that she was a narcissist anyway.")

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Now Gasteyer is back in the musical swing of things with a self-produced album of jazz standards and unexpected covers (titled I’m Hip, now available for download and streaming), which she continues to promote with live shows performed around the country that harken back to the old variety-show days, with plenty of humor and storytelling sprinkled throughout the set. (In other words, SNL fans who show up not knowing Gasteyer is offering a legit jazz experience will be pleasantly surprised.) She's also kicking off a new series called The Kate, featuring performers who embody the spirit of Katharine Hepburn, which premieres online Saturday on thekate.tv and on local PBS stations.

And to kick things off right for our podcast, she brings back her famous NPR deadpan (remember Schweddy Balls?) to record a special Soul Sisters intro with host Jessie Katz. Check out the full episode below and be sure to subscribe to our iTunes channel for all future episodes: