Yeasayer Has Seen New York Change A Lot: Alt In Our Stars Podcast

The Alt in Our Stars Podcast Yeasayer
Jenny Regan

The Alt in Our Stars Podcast featuring: Yeasayer

Yeasayer is back with its first album in four years. The psych-pop eccentrics have been together for a decade now, and on the Alt In Our Stars podcast, they did some reflecting, in addition to discussing new album Amen & Goodbye, which drops April 1 on Mute. They’re also pretty hilarious.

Chatting with host Chris Payne, topics included caring and not caring about reviews, Billy Joel, the Oscar-winning drama Whiplash, and whether or not they’d like to live until 2080, as one of the songs on their debut album explores. They’re leaning toward not living to 100, and they've got their reasons.

Reflecting on those 10-plus years of existence, members Chris Keating, Ira Wolf Tuton and Anand Wilder thought back to New York City when the band first started. The studio where their debut album was mixed is now a J.Crew store. Things are different, but Yeasayer is still its own zany self.

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