Soul Sisters Podcast: Indigo Girls on The 'Left-Wing, Bleeding Heart Women' Label

Soul Sisters Podcast: Indigo Girls
Jeremy Cowart

Soul Sisters Podcast: Indigo Girls

Soul Sisters was honored to join Amy Ray and Emily Saliers of the iconic power duo Indigo Girls before their sold-out show at New Jersey's Wellmont Theater, where swarms of fans had come from across the east coast to hear the harmonious voices that defined many a '90s adolescence (and continue to do so -- their 16th studio album out just last year). From "Closer to Fine" to "Galileo," "Power of Two" to "Ghost," Indigo Girls possess a certain symbolic place in our cultural minds - for better or worse, as Ray and Saliers are very quick to address.

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"Left-wing, dykes, women, bleeding hearts..." is how Ray summarizes Indigo Girls from the perspective of those who have sought to marginalize them over the years, despite all the successes that have proven them to be more than that (not that they don't fully embrace those descriptors as well.) "It turns people off because there’s a derogatory idea about feminism in general," Ray notes, before we deep dive into their pivotal appearance in the newest season of Amazon's Transparent, which has them performing at a historic women's festival much like the real Michigan Womyn's Music Festival they played for many years before bowing out due to a controversial transgender policy.

If it feels like Indigo Girls are back on the scene in a way they haven't been before, they agree. 

"Our ticket sales are really good now and there just seems to be a re-energizing force going on, surrounding us in our concerts," Saliers observes.

"It's not even just numbers," adds Ray, who describes having more heterosexual-identifying male fans come out to their shows than ever before, which they hypothesize could have something to do with the way that gender and sexuality is being re-conceived among the younger generation.

The duo also tells us why they make the perfect odd couple, what's turning them on politically these days and who is the better songwriter of the two (spoiler alert: they don't agree on this last point, though the evidence is surprising.)

Check out the full episode below, hosted by Billboard writer/content creator Jessie Katz and Parlour Tricks singer Darah Golub, and be sure to subscribe to our iTunes channel for all future episodes:


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