Downtown Boys Are Out to 'Redefine the Punk Experience': Alt In Our Stars Podcast

The Alt in Our Stars Podcast: Downtown Boys
Norlan Olivo

The Alt in Our Stars Podcast: Downtown Boys

Go to a Downtown Boys show and you will be enlightened. 

The bilingual, saxophone-charged punk band is all about giving a voice to the oppressed, whether because of institutional racism or rowdy, tall dudes blocking the view at concerts. These shows are often a wall-to-wall frenzy with band members in the mosh pit, so you’ll leave an enlightened person who just danced a lot, too. 

So you should listen up to what Downtown Boys have to say, even if it’s in podcast form. The band stopped by Billboard’s New York office for a chat with host Chris Payne:

Topics include the new music they’re writing, wanting to perform with Bruce Springsteen, singing in both English and Spanish, how to get people to dance at shows, and how to keep that dancing non-violent and friendly. 

“I think we give people a chance to redefine the punk experience,” sax player Adrienne Berry says.

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