Panic! at the Disco Talks Trash on Fall Out Boy: Alt In Our Stars Podcast

The Alt in Our Stars Brendon Urie
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The Alt in Our Stars podcast featuring Brendon Urie

Today (Jan. 15), Panic! at the Disco released its fifth studio album, Death of a Bachelor. Frontman Brendon Urie swung by Billboard’s New York office for a chat on the Alt In Our Stars podcast. 

Is Bachelor better than Fall Out Boy’s last album? “Of course,” Urie replies. “I hope Pete [Wentz] hears that.” Urie has been tight with Fall Out Boy for the past decade (bassist Pete Wentz discovered him, after all) but he’s all about a friendly rivalry. “[Rock music] is more self-deprecating. There’s more self-loathing, like, ‘I’m not worthy.’ To be honest, I’m the opposite.”

Urie is one of the most charismatic interviews you’ll catch. He also spoke on getting permission from the B-52s to sample “Rock Lobster,” performing in the 2015 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and being the kind of guy who rocks fedoras -- the new album is heavily influenced by Frank Sinatra, after all. 

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