HEALTH Talks 2015's Grossest Music Video, Future Work With Haxan Cloak: Alt In Our Stars Podcast

Health photographed in 2015.
Courtesy of Loma Vista Recordings  

Health photographed in 2015.

“A Katy Perry song hits harder than a hard rock song now,” HEALTH frontman Jake Duzsik says. Yes, he’s being serious. What kind of rock musician says this? What if we told you his band made one of 2015’s must-hear albums?

HEALTH have had it with boring rock bands. That’s why they set out to craft the apex of a modern, heavy guitar music with this year’s Death Magic. Maybe (like us) you thought it was a masterwork of pummeling hooks and skull-rattling breakdowns, pushed past the rock frontier by Haxan Cloak and Kanye West’s engineer, Andrew Dawson. Maybe you thought it sounded a lot like Nine Inch Nails. Regardless, it’s a must-listen (or re-listen) after you’ve heard the band on this week’s Alt In Our Stars podcast.

Aside from serious talk about trying to make rock cool again these days, HEALTH’s Jacke Duzsik, John Famiglietti, and Benjamin Jared Miller were often hilarious on the podcast. Other topics of conversation included bros, Enya, absurd noise band names, wanting to work with Haxan Cloak again (he lives near the band in L.A. now), and what it was like to projectile vomit in their music video for “New Coke.”

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