The Wonder Years Dominate Band Merch & Fantasy Football: Alt In Our Stars Podcast

The Alt in Our Stars Podcast featuring: Wonder Years
Megan Thompson

The Alt in Our Stars Podcast featuring: Wonder Years

Impeccable timing: in the same seven-day period, a new NFL season kicked off and the Wonder Years released a new album. The band’s No Closer to Heaven dropped last Friday (Sept. 4), and it just so happens that the frontman Dan “Soupy” Campbell is kind of obsessed with podcasts and football. In an early September perfect storm, he stopped by Billboard’s New York office for the Alt In Our Stars podcast.

Campbell talked about how the Wonder Years have been able to absolutely master the merchandise game, and in the process, gave some great advice for younger bands. He explained one of the new album’s most anthemic lines, and broke down how the band’s upcoming tour with Motion City Soundtrack, State Champs, and You Blew It! came together. And on that NFL front, Dan explained what obscure NFL player he identifies with the most, and how he’s managing to have eight fantasy teams this year. 

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