Country Music Is Changing (And Here's How): Alt In Our Stars Podcast

It's traditional, sure, but country music is changing. A lot has happened in 2015, and if you're an outsider looking in, we've got a primer for you.

On this week's Alt In Our Stars, host Chris Payne interviewed a pair of country experts -- Stereogum's Caitlin White and freelancer Nick Murray (Billboard, Rolling Stone) -- about the need for more female stars, if alt-country can ever cross over, what "bro country" really means, and a lot more. 

Ten minutes passed before Kacey Musgraves was discussed and the term "bro country" wasn't dropped until the very end, so rest assured, there's more here than the usual suspects. If you like Musgraves and Ashley Monroe, we've got some listening suggestions for you. East Nashville is become an alt-country stronghold. And White and Murray gave some killer first-hand anecdotes, from seeing Kenny Chesney's 2015 stadium tour to watching Sam Hunt sing at the Fader Fort at SXSW. 

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