Silversun Pickups Have Advice on Self-Releasing For Indie Bands (Alt In Our Stars Podcast)

Silversun Pickups Alt in Our Stars Podcast 2015
Alexandra Pichert

The Alt in Our Stars Podcast featuring: Silversun Pickups

Also, they describe what it's like to be interviewed by Nardwuar.

Following three successful albums and a singles collection for Dangerbird Records, Silversun Pickups are now playing the self-release game. They could find a label if they wanted to -- maybe even a major -- but they're convinced starting their own imprint was the way to go.

Keyboardist Joe Lester and drummer Chris Guanlao stopped by Billboard's New York office to discuss their new album, Better Nature, due Sept. 25 on New Machine Recordings. In the process, they gave some valuable advice to other self-releasing artists. Their new single "Nighlight" is getting solid radio play and they're not stuck giving up a big chunk of tour revenue to a major label. They're making it work!

Lester and Guanlao talked about a lot more than just business. Discussion topics included what it's like to be interviewed by Nardwuar, co-writing their new album with Jacknife Lee (who's also worked with Taylor Swift), what it's like to autograph 1,000 records in one day and always getting asked questions about lazy eyes. 

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