Potty Mouth Makes an Amazing Prank Call, Talks Self-Releasing: Alt In Our Stars Podcast

potty mouth podcast
Trish Halpin

Potty Mouth visits Billboard's New York office on August 6, 2015.

Barely an hour after releasing their first new single in two years, the Massachusetts punk trio Potty Mouth stopped by Billboard, vibing off the enthusiasm of a band entering its next chapter. They looked back at their past (self-booking, learning instruments, outdated blogging platforms), gave a taste of what's to come, and pulled off the first prank phone call in the history of the Alt In Our Stars podcast:

Abby, Ally and Victoria were still sifting through the online response to their new song "Cherry Picking" and had just filmed a music video for it a day earlier. It's an interesting time for them; they just switched back to self-releasing (on their imprint Planet Whatever), but have enlisted the help of a booking agent and publicity team for the first time, along with seasoned punk/indie producer John Goodmanson, to help reach a wider audience.  

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They also chatted about their forthcoming EP (Cherry Picking, due Aug. 21), when to expect their next LP, Speedy Ortiz's Livejournal, and gave some sound advice on starting a band and self-releasing music. 

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