Speedy Ortiz Wants to Meet Nicki Minaj, Knows a Lot About Justin Bieber: Alt In Our Stars Podcast

The Alt in Our Stars Podcast: Speedy Ortiz
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The Alt in Our Stars Podcast: Speedy Ortiz

Speedy Ortiz is very good at social media. "I've been slaying Twitter for the past 48 hours," singer-guitarist-Nicki Minaj scholar Sadie Dupuis announced, visiting the Billboard office last week after a series of fire tweets. "Just putting it out there."

They're pretty good at podcasts, too! The whole crew -- Dupuis, guitarist Devin McKnight, bassist Darl Ferm, and drummer Mike Falcone -- came by for a chat the afternoon after playing New York's Terminal 5 with Torres and Courtney Barnett.

We learned that Dupuis really wants to meet Nicki Minaj, McKnight thinks grindcore bands would make perfect Vine stars (six second songs, think about it…), and the whole band knows a lot about Justin Bieber

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