The Alt In Our Stars Podcast: Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio Is Down to Hang With Randos

Alt in Our Stars Podcast: Chris Baio
Tracy Allison

Alt in Our Stars Podcast: featuring Chris Baio

Smooth-dancing Vampire Weekend bass master Chris Baio -- Baio to everyone except his parents and wife -- has a debut solo album on the way. Two months before The Names drops (Sept. 18 via Glassnote) and the night before opening for CHVRCHES at Music Hall of Williamsburg, Baio stopped by Billboard's New York office for the Alt In Our Stars podcast.

You better believe he talked the talk on his nine-song electro-pop collection, sharing what a "sister of pearl" is (besides the name of his killer single) and explaining why he's really into blazers now. They both have to do with Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music.

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Chris, a longtime New York area resident, lives in London now. He's officially a man of the world, and he gave a very awesome offer: "Anyone that I grew up with who hits me up in an e-mail, I'm always down to get lunch before a show anywhere in the world. I like seeing where people I grew up with are now. I love randos." 

And speaking of meals with old friends, he had this to say about new Vampire Weekend: 

"There have been lunches and coffees… I'm sure Ezra and Rostam are thinking about the new record all the time." 

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