Alt In Our Stars Podcast: Old 97's Singer Rhett Miller Has the Best Third Eye Blind Stories

Alt in Our Stars: Rhett Miller
Courtesy of ATO Records

Old 97's frontman Rhett Miller is good with stories. On his new solo album The Traveler, he tells a lot of them, sung over the exquisite arrangements of the crack backing band Black Prairie. But Rhett's got stories for days.

"There was a time I was jealous of Third Eye Blind," opens one story, involving a little prank with 3EB frontman Stephan Jenkins and a bottle of wine from back in the days when both artists toured together as Elektra Records labelmates. And then there was that time he was in grade school and had a huge crush on Joan Jett and went up to her and said something really awkward. Or the time he first met his heroes R.E.M. and it was really awesome. Or the time he "met" Bob Dylan (via email, via his manager), but it was still pretty great. 

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He's also part of a fancy, super-exclusive email chain of musician baseball fans. Good luck getting on it, but take a listen to hear what they look for in new members.

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