Alt In Our Stars Podcast: All Time Low Are Masters of Meet-and-Greets… And Fan Fiction

Yes, All Time Low fan fiction is a real thing that exists.

On April 7, the same day their new album Future Hearts dropped, All Time Low stopped by Billboard's New York office for an appearance on the Alt In Our Stars podcast. Vocalist-guitarist Alex Gaskarth and drummer Rian Dawson chatted with host Chris Payne about the typical talking points (new music, playing live) and some other… less wholesome topics.

"There's an interesting, strange corner of the internet that thrives on fan fiction and I don't go there often," Gaskarth says. "It's like, me going down on the cast of Harry Potter. Those are the fan fictions we get."

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For more on the "smutty" short stories, check out the podcast above. ATL also spoke about collaborating with Mark Hoppus (and the recent Blink-182 drama), their knack for memorable meet-and-greets, and their cameo in the forthcoming Meg Ryan film Fangirl.

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