Faster Horses Day 1, Told Through Artist Soundbites

Amy Harris/Invision/AP
Jon Pardi performs at the Faster Horses Music Festival in the Brooklyn Trails Campground at Michigan International Speedway on July 21, 2017 in Brooklyn, Mich. 

The first day of the 2017 Faster Horses music festival saw some seriously hot temperatures -- which certainly upped the total amount of beer consumed -- but apparently didn't lower the spirits of anyone who took the stage Friday Friday (July 21). From the moment things got started on the Next From Nashville stage at 1:30 p.m. EST, every performer expressed their excitement for being there whether it was their Faster Horses debut or they'd played it before.

And even though the festival is still relatively new, celebrating its fifth year in 2017, it definitely has a personality: From camo to every American flag item you can imagine, there's definitely no denying that Faster Horses is a country festival. But you didn't have to walk amongst the crowd to get that feel, as what was said on stage (especially by small town Georgia boy Cole Swindell) was just about as telling as what was seen throughout the festival grounds.

Take a look at some of the quotes Billboard picked up on during Day 1 of Faster Horses and get a sense for what goes down in Brooklyn, Michigan. 

"Thank you for giving a s--t about country music." -- Up-and-coming duo Muscadine Bloodline as they opened the festival with the first set of the day at the Next From Nashville stage.

"Every guy's standing next to a girl, and she makes you look a little bit better, I tell you what." -- Musadine Bloodline, pointing out the demographic of their crowd.

"Never would I have thought that song would make it to the No. 1 song in the country. Thank y'all for changin' my life." -- Dylan Scott introducing his song “My Girl,” which recently reached the top of the Country Airplay chart (dated July 29).

"Make sure y'all drink plenty of water or plenty of beer -- whichever y'all want to do." -- Craig Campbell as he made his way off the main stage.

"Givin' me all the feels!" -- Carly Pearce after she performed her new song “If My Name Was Whiskey,” which had people at the Next From Nashville stage singing along.

"You know the party's just getting started, right?" -- Maddie & Tae after playing a few songs of their main stage set.

"No, no, no -- I'm on the right stage!" -- Drake White to a fan who told him he should be on the main stage instead of closing out Next From Nashville.

“I don’t know about you but I got a hell of buzz goin' right now." -- Jon Pardi as he opened up his main stage set with “Paycheck."

"This is Faster Horses and this year it's brought to you by beer." -- Cole Swindell before singing his song “Brought to You by Beer."

"I think we drank every beer on the property." -- Cole Swindell reflecting on his first Faster Horses experience, when he played the Next From Nashville stage in 2013.

"I don't know how you made it in here but I'm proud of ya!" -- Cole Swindell acknowledging the amount of booze most of his crowd had consumed throughout the day.

"Let's get a little redneck." -- Cole Swindell before singing his ‘90s country ode, “No Can Left Behind."

"This has gotta be a world record for most beers drank in one place." -- Cole Swindell toward the end of his main stage set.

"That's what tonight's all about, making a few mistakes." -- Dierks Bentley after performing his opening number “What the Hell Did I Say."

"I've been having the best day watching these great bands and seeing all these beautiful girls." -- Dierks Bentley as he got into his headlining set.

"I bet she was hot, like, 'F--k this bra!'" -- Jon Pardi when a jelly bra flew on stage as he and Bentley covered George Strait’s “Write This Down."

"Whose campsite am I staying at tonight?" -- Cole Swindell as he left the stage after joining Bentley for their duet “Flatliner” and Bentley’s hit “Somewhere on a Beach."