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Lil Dicky Talks Getting Paid & Pooping at Firefly Fest 2017

Comedy rapper Lil Dicky didn't hold back when chatting with Billboard at Firefly Festival 2017.

"My favorite part of festival season is probably the disposable income at hand for me ... I get booked for more, and I make more money," he quips in the interview clip above, when asked what he enjoys about festivals.

"I'm not a big festivalgoer as in, like, a citizen," Lil Dicky admits. "I really don't spend my money that much unless I'm reinvesting in my business," like his $700,000 "Pillow Talking" video featuring John C. Reilly and a lot of CGI.

Back to festival perks: Lil Dicky does appreciate one thing about being on the lineup.

"Honestly, the bathroom setups are always way better than the general public," he says. "In and out, no real lines ... air conditioned. I always have to poop right before I do a concert. I don't feel nervous, but I think that must be my body reacting."

Watch the video to get the inside scoop -- and to hear some advice from Lil Dicky about drug and alcohol intake before a show.