Post Malone Had 10,000 Popeye's Biscuits Delivered to Coachella

Post Malone
Courtesy of Republic Records

Post Malone

This is hard to admit, but I’m starting to like Post Malone. First, his Quavo collab “Congratulations” wormed its way into my heart. And now, we get the news that he dropped $8,000 on Popeye’s, America’s greatest fast food, during Coachella, which means we know he’s a good friend.

TMZ reports that Post Malone used Postmates to order up a whole car stacked with Popeye’s orders to his Coachella party. The order reportedly included literally 10,000 of those buttery hockey-puck biscuits, which seems, from any objective perspective, like too many biscuits. There is video.

I hope he saved some room in the budget for some of those cherry cheesecake turnover things. Those are good.

This article was originally published by Stereogum.

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