Blade Helicopter App Partners With Uber to Provide Coachella Transportation

BLADE at Coachella
Courtesy of BLADE 

BLADE at Coachella

Blade -- the Uber-like app Manhattanites use to book a seat on helicopters to the Hamptons in the summer -- has partnered with Uber to provide door-to-door service to the Coachella festival.

This year, Coachella takes place from April 15-24 with headliners Guns N' Roses, LCD Soundsystem and Calvin Harris.

Guns N' Roses, LCD Soundsystem, Calvin Harris Headlining Coachella 2016

The Uber/Blade Coachella transportation service is dubbed “UBERchopper, powered by BLADE.” For the price of $695 a person one-way -- or $4,170 if you are going to the festival with your five closest friends -- you can get picked up at your home in Los Angeles and Uber-driven to the Blade L.A. Lounge at the Van Nuys Airport, where a helicopter awaits you for the 55-minute flight to the Palm Springs Blade Lounge. At both ends of the flight, the Blade Lounges offer full bars, including George Clooney's Casamigos tequila.

Upon landing five minutes from Coachella’s front entrance, Uber will drive you to the festival and then take your luggage to your hotels.

The Blade app will start handling booking on March 25. The service will also be sold through the Uber app platform as well. Through Uber, you book the whole 'copter and share with friends. On the Blade app, there will be selected flights where by-the-seat-service is available.

According to Blade representatives, last week it provided speedboat service between South Beach and the Ultra Music Festival, ferrying some of the festival's key DJs right to the backstage entrance.

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So for Coachella, it sounds like managers and label executives can see their band in the afternoon and be back in L.A. for an evening business meeting/dinner, or visa versa. The helicopter employed for Coachella is a six-seat Airbus EC 130 helicopter. No word on whether the helicopter flight flies over the traffic jam making its way from Los Angeles to the festival.

Blade was founded by former Sony/ATV and Warner Music Group executive Rob Wiesenthal. The Coachella service marks Blade's first move into the West Coast.

Coachella 2016