Bryshere 'Yazz' Gray at iHeartRadio Fest 2015: 'The Drama Is Going to Get More Impactful' on 'Empire'

Bryshere "Yazz" Gray is in the midst of filming the second season of Empire, but he made an appearance on stage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas to introduce one of Friday night’s performers, Lil Wayne.

Billboard caught up with Yazz, who's known for playing the role of Hakeem Lyon on Empire, backstage at the show. Watch the interview clip above.

"I'm happy to be here in Vegas. I'm actually bringing out one of my role models I always looked up to musically, so it's great,” Yazz said.

When asked about the upcoming season of Empire, he wouldn’t give away any spoilers -- but he did divulge a few details about what to expect when the show returns on Sept. 23.

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"We're actually filming season two, episode seven now, so right now we're in it -- I know what's going on. I just wanna tell you,” Yazz teased, before continuing: "I can just tell you this. The storyline is going to increase, the drama is going to get more impactful, the music is gonna get better and better. You're just gonna see brothers fight for success."

"Our writers trust in us, and they trust that we're gonna take what they give us and we're gonna make it a great creation, you know. So, we know … we're just not gonna tell you," he said with a laugh.

Yazz went on to talk about the evolution of his character Hakeem’s music.

"This season, you can expect from Hakeem just to have music that's gonna evolve better than last season. You're gonna see him grow,” he said. “The music gets better. We have Ne-Yo working, we have Swizz Beatz working with us, so it's great. It's a very dynamic team we have right now.

“So what you can expect from Yazz … you never know,” he added. “I could drop a single here, I could drop a single there. Just stay tuned. Really. Anything with Yazz is a secret. It's unpredictable."