The 15 Best Signs at Firefly Festival 2015

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Firefly
A shot of the crowd with a "Home Alone" sign at Firefly Music Festival on June 21, 2015 in Dover, Delaware.  

From Kanye West to Shia LaBeouf, custom poster-boards and figurines made the biggest splash in Delaware.

Abbi Jacobson, Kanye West and John Stamos made the biggest splash at Firefly 2015 this past weekend -- no, they weren’t actually at the festival, but their presence was felt. Throughout the four-day event (June 18-21), numerous attendees lugged custom poster boards mounted on poles or carried by hand around the grounds at the Woodlands in Dover, DE. As the festivities came to a close, we whittled down some of the best being touted around the fest.

1. Abbi Jacobson: Ilana Glazer’s Broad City co-star got her own shout out with a portrait taped to a poster board. Though it isn’t illuminated in the pic, the light halo strung around Jacobson’s image felt appropriate.

2. Speedo Dude: Doesn’t really matter who the dude is affixed to the top of the pole—this guy and his similarly Speedo-clad crew drew attention to themselves for different reasons.

3. Shia LaBeouf: Weren’t feeling motivated at Firefly in the face of crippling heat? Shia was there to help you JUST DO IT!

4. Stephen Curry: The weekend wasn’t all about music. Contemporary sports player Stephen Curry was there to remind you that athletics are just as important as live shows.

5. Ross: This dude was all about the festival life (check the Bonnaroo swap wrapped around his hat). Not only did he want you to “Radiate Positivity” as his tie-dye tee suggested, but he wanted to you know, yes, his name is in fact Ross.

6. Kanye West: Yeezy rarely, if ever, cracks a smile, and he didn’t even try to bother during his so-so weekend at Firefly.

7. Steve Buscemi: You’ve seen the Steve Buscemi’s eyes meme, where the actor’s eyes are Photoshopped onto other celebrities’ faces. But this one went meta, asking, "What would Buscemi look like if he was Buscemi’d?"

8. Tina: The Bob’s Burgers character was scoping out all the butts as she made her way over the entryway bridge into the festival.

9. Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey: The Full House reunion came earlier than expected. We're not sure if the festival attendees planned on bringing related signage, or if destiny drew them together.

10. "Weird Al" Yankovic: The veteran comedian-singer made an appearance at Governors Ball, and while he didn’t perform at Firefly, he looked like he had a good time there anyway.

11. Cat: What’s a festival without some sort of cat meme making an appearance? Heading to the woods in Delaware meant you’d have to unplug from the Internet, but that didn’t mean the Internet couldn’t find its way to you.

12. Dinosaur: Perhaps just a way to make sure his friends could find him in the robust Firefly crowds, but this guy carrying an inflatable dinosaur brought some strong Jurassic World vibes.

13. Old Navy Mannequin: The award for creepiest figurine being shown off goes to…

14. Inflatable Pizza: Sure, it may have blocked the view for many during DJ Mustard's afternoon set, but come on. Everyone loves pizza.

15. Race Car: OK, so not exactly a poster or figurine, but you have to give this hulking monstrosity props for clutching this race car while bidding attendees farewell as they exited the Woodlands.


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