The 10 Most Music Festival-y Things We Saw at Governors Ball

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A general view of the fans and the crowd during 2015 Governors Ball Music Festival at Randall's Island on June 6, 2015 in New York City.  

Between branded limes & flower crown booths, music-festival culture has officially peaked.

It's not really summer until you've gone to a music festival, right? And Instagrammed a picture of yourself at the gate. These days, festivals have become so trendy that they often seem more about brands than bands, with entire stages emblazoned with the names of companies angling for the eyes of hip millennials. But Governors Ball managed to keep a sense of humor about it. Here are the 10 most music festival-y things we saw at the New York City event this weekend:

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1. The Human Piñata: In the Silent Disco, where people danced to music being piped through wireless headphones, one patron took his fashion to the next level by dressing as a human piñata and posing with a few attendees.

2. Bros on Bros: Some festival-goers went the piggyback route to get a better view, but not this guy, who watched the Big Apple stage literally standing on top of another dude's shoulders. Balance game proper.

3. Penis Balloon: There were plenty of balloons and posters being carried around Governors Ball, but some took the creative route with their designs. Kids these days.


: Keeping sunburn at bay was a concern at Gov Ball, even on the overcast days, but

magazine conquered UV rays with this sunblock applicator where you swipe your credit card to pump out some lotion.  

: Bjork's set was aurally outstanding, and one crowd member couldn't help but pay homage to the iconic swan dress that she wore to the Academy Awards in 2001 by toting this inflatable bird.


: Just when you thought that festivals couldn't get any more branded, Don Julio took advertising to the next level by actually branding lime rinds with a hashtag repping their tequila in the Freeloaders Lounge.


: Headdresses dotted the crowd at the festival, but it was flower crowns that stole the show, as a booth situated near the Honda stage offered attendees the opportunity to adorn themselves with their own little halos.


: PayPal truly outdid itself by setting up an area where they were giving away customized, temporary tattoos and offering free delivery on site at Randalls Island in partnership with GrubHub. That's next-level festival offerings.  

: Attending a festival solo can be a drag, but hitting up Gov Ball with your significant other -- and performing acrobatics on the field -- is truly the way to festival in style.


: Not only was there plenty of culture to go around, but organizers stepped into the art world with installations around the grounds with customized graffiti portraits and cubes just begging to be Instagrammed.

Art worthy of gramming. #WeGoArt

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