Tycho Discusses First Coachella Experience

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Forrest Reda, Scott Hansen (Tycho) and Rory O'Connor.

Within five minutes of hitting the Coachella field on Friday, Billboard ran into Tycho (aka Scott Hansen), who, along with his tour manager Forrest Reda and drummer Rory O'Connor, had maybe the smartest setup we've ever seen at a fest: multi-speed bikes and a walkie-talkie setup that made them look so official that over the course of 10 minutes we saw multiple staff ask them questions about where things go.

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"It's nice being able to ride our bikes on the golf cart path," Reda said, hanging out in between the Mojave and Gobi stages. "I think we're getting away with it right now, since no one said no. It gets us places faster -- you have to wait for golf carts sometimes."

"We wear walkie talkies so we look official," Hansen confirms. "Nobody messes with us. Sometimes we just look at the trusses and hit them a bit; test the tensile string [so it looks like we're working] -- it's perfect!"

Tonight is surprisingly Tycho's first time playing the festival, though the instrumental, electro-leaning band's been a staple on lineups from Outside Lands to FYF for the past few years. Still, they're aware that Coachella's different. "We've been planning and tweaking the production for this for a while now, and we just got done with the lighting the last couple of days," Ansen said. "We've been thinking about this as a special one-off thing."

He continued, "I've always heard all these things about [Coachella] -- I had all these preconceived notions. They haven't done anything to expel them yet." 

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