20 Hot Bonnaroo Moments Day 3: Jack White Rocks, Frank Ocean Soothes, Skrillex Superjam Rages

Frank Ocean
Photo: Tim Mosenfelder, Getty Images Entertainment

Frank Ocean performs at Bonnaroo on June 14, 2014.

By the third day of Bonnaroo 2014, the festival and its fans were in top form. Though no act matched the scope of Kanye West’s controversial headlining set the previous night, a barrage of a-list sets made for some memorable performances… and some very tough scheduling decisions.  Frank Ocean or the star-studded Skrillex superjam? James Blake, Zedd or Lauryn Hill? Whatever the verdict, attendees braved the midday heat and the fatigue of two previous nights for a rewarding third day out on the farm in Manchester, TN.

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2:14 PM: John Paul Jones -- yes, that John Paul Jones -- sits in with Seasick Steve on the main stage's first act of the day, playing bass before grabbing the mandolin for a solo on "It's A Long Long Way."

3:07 PM: Billboard’s afternoon interview with the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne is interrupted by an unscheduled visitor — King Khan. The garage-soul minstrel jumps on camera and nearly douses Coyne in what he says is a can of urine (it’s only beer).

3:47 PM: Where's the only place a bunch of people with headphones on can scream "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me!" into the quiet afternoon air? In the Silent Disco at Bonnaroo, of course! After rocking out to Rage Against The Machine's "Killing In The Name," the listeners are given a remix of Disclosure's "When A Fire Starts To Burn," which also goes over well.

4:25 PM: Cake's John McCrea dedicates "Mustache Man (Wasted)" to "anyone here who has a mustache, and not an ironic mustache or a nostalgic mustache." Luckily, the video operator spotted a guy with an authentic 'stache in the crowd, and the facial hair garnered approving cheers from the rest of the audience. 5:25 PM: Soul Legend Bobby Womack takes The Other Stage and performs his career-defining hit, “Across 110th Street.”

6:19 PM: The Bouncing Souls are having a 25th anniversary show later this year in Asbury Park, but right now, they're describing another monumental New Jersey performance: at a recent show, a lesbian couple got married onstage after reaching out to the band on Facebook.

6:44 PM: Damon Albarn revisits the Gorillaz days onstage during his solo set, as he welcomes Del the Funky Homosapien onstage for a run through the classic “Clint Eastwood.” Minutes earlier, De La Soul had hopped onstage for a little bit go “Feel Good Inc.”

7:10 PM: After being interviewed, James Blake immediately turns to his tour manager and asks what the score is. "2-1," he replies disappointedly. Blake looks pretty glum -- England just lost to Italy by a goal in Saturday's World Cup action.

7:40 PM: The lords of funk, Chromeo, take the stage to their newest smash single, “Come Alive.” 9:00 PM: “It’s always good to look out into the crowd and see your son,” says Lionel Richie, after a dude in the front row (shown to the entire crowd via jumbotron) came to the show dressed as a young version of Richie.

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9:23 PM: “Two ways this next one is gonna go down. Either you’re gonna dance on the floor…..” Richie says, twice, repeating himself to get the crowd riled up for “Dancing on the Ceiling.”

9:30 PM: Lauryn Hill finally takes the stage. She was originally scheduled to start at 9 p.m., but a last-minute stage switch left her sets and backline less than half setup when that time rolled around. Still, fans kept positive, with chants of “Lauryn Hill!” during the interim. Hill delivers with a rock-solid block of mostly “Miseducation” cuts to open the set. 10:32 PM: After rocking through reggae jam-infused “Miseducation” cuts, Lauryn Hill has a question for the Bonnaroo crowd: “Do we have any Fugee fans in the building?” Plenty of them bounce along, hands in the air, to the irresistible chorus of “Fu-Gee-La,” which comes sandwiched between “The Score” tracks “Zealots,” “How Many Mics,” “Ready Or Not” and “Killing Me Softly.” Read a full review of Hill's performance here.

12:01 AM: Jack White takes a break from a mostly-very positive headlining set to throw some Kanye-esque shade at the music media: "Who makes music happen? Does a tabloid like Rolling Stone make music happen? You and I make it exist!"

12:31 AM: Frank Ocean takes the stage wearing a simple pink hoodie, easing into “Thinkin Bout You,” “Lost” and “Nostalgia/Ultra” favorite, “Novacane.”

1:09 AM: Jack White’s headlining set is over, but the aftershock of his half hour encore can still be felt. Fans are chanting along, belting the bass line to “Seven Nation Army” as they march away from the stage and disperse throughout the grounds. Read a full review of White's set here.

1:23 AM: The Skrillex Superjam gets one of its many unexpected guests in the form of New Orleans rap hero Mystikal, who muscles through three of his most well-known songs: "Bouncin' Back (Bumpin' Me Against The Wall)," "Danger (Been So Long)" and "Shake Ya Ass."

1:30 AM: “I always like to play this at the ends of my sets,” says Frank Ocean, as he eases into his performance of “Wisemen,” a song he originally released by posting the lyrics on his Tumblr page. Read a full review of Ocean's performance here.

3:31 AM: The Skrillex Superjam finally concludes after surprise guest Lauryn Hill finishes a roaring "Ready or Not." With nothing left to play, Skrillex and Big Gigantic thank the many, many artists who graced their stage.

4:45 AM: Kaskade’s marathon set finally comes to an end. Day three on Bonnaroo 2014 is in the books.


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