Bad Things Talk Touring, Shaun White's Olympic Future

Watch Olympic athlete Shaun White explain how he picked up a guitar and formed rock act Bad Things.

With Shaun White, everything leads back to snowboarding -- even a last-minute headlining set at Lollapalooza, which his band Bad Things performed this weekend.

"I won a guitar at a snowboard contest at X Games," the Olympic athlete told Billboard at the Chicago festival, explaining how he started playing music. "I got hooked on it -- I'm kinda that guy who likes to practice."

That's no surprise. But performing is a new step for the gold medalist, one he's not anxious to stop.

"I'd actually never played shows before -- that's why this experience has been fun," he said.

On tour until Aug. 9, the band plans on playing more shows after its Rob Schnapf-produced album release, expected later this year on Warner Bros. Any future world touring, however, will have to wait until after White gets back to the day job in 2014. 

"I'm off to try to do the Olympics," he said. "No pressure!"

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