AVICII Talks Madonna Remix, Coachella Live Show Debut

AVICII Talks Madonna Remix, Coachella Live Show Debut

Madonna surprised Miami festival goers on Saturday when she appeared onstage with AVICII to debut his remix of her new "MDNA" track "Girl Gone Wild" at the electronic Ultra Music Fest. Fresh off his performance with the Queen of Pop, the Swedish producer sat down with Billboard.com to talk about Madonna's appearance and the major live show he has planned for later this year.


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"I had about three days to do [the remix] … and I was in the middle of touring as well," Avicii said. "It turned out great. I already had a melody that I was going to use for something else, but it really fit with that one so it wasn't that hard."

Next in store for the "Levels" star is a performance at Coachella, which he says is going to be "way different" from other festival shows. "I'm premiering my first live show at Coachella -- which is gonna be amazing," Avicii said. "It's something my manager has been working on for a long time and we put a lot of money in it and a lot of time."

After Coachella, he'll be going out on tour with his new live show, hitting arenas across the U.S. with a stage set-up that Avicii says is "completely different" from what he's done before.

Watch Madonna's surprise appearance with AVICII here: