Jurassic 5 Talks Reunion, Doc Plans Backstage At Coachella

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Coachella

Jurassic 5 performs at Coachella

Six years after Jurassic 5 broke up in 2007, what once seemed impossible has now happened: the hip-hop group is back in action. Last night (April 12), a sea of thousands at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, Calif. watched as the group took the stage for their first show since reuniting. But prior to the gig, Billboard caught up with Jurassic 5 backstage where the members revealed that they were "a tad bit nervous" for their first show back.

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"We did the first Coachella, so this is bittersweet," said DJ Nu-Mark. "Another day in the office, but we're always nervous," added Chali 2na.

According to the guys, it was Jurassic 5's management team that got the ball rolling for the band's reunion. "The idea to come back was collective because we all agreed but the man that initiated it was our manager, Rick Gonzalez. It feels good to be back. It feels good to come back to a festival," said Chali 2na.

Jurassic 5 DJ Cut Chemist added that the festival was the perfect place for their rekindling to take place. "Coachella was a big regenerator of it all. We wanted something big to come out to. We couldn't just start something up – it had to be centered around something big and Coachella came with an offer. It was a good thing to come back to because we did do the first one and Coachella is kind of family for us."

Jurassic 5 says that getting back together felt extremely natural and confirmed that there was no 'bad blood.'" "It was a good thing to say yes to because it is good energy and we're having fun doing it so the more opportunities we can get to do it, the better!" said Cut Chemist.

DJ Nu-Mark joked that it was about time they got back together, as he and his fellow Jurassic 5'ers have been hounded by fans asking them to get back together for years. He laughed and stated, "It's like that fine girl that always gets hit on. After like the eigth guy, you just say yes. So that's all it is. They broke us down. They broke us down."

Following Coachella, Jurassic 5 plans to spend the remainder of 2013 touring. They are currently scheduled to perform at select festivals around the world including Parklife in the U.K., Sonar Fest in Spain, Fuji Rock in Japan, and Lisbon, Portugal's Optimus Festival. "We're going to Portugal. We're not sure if they have fans there but will find out when they get there," joked Zaakir.

Though the focus is touring, the band says that new music is not out of the question – just not on their current radar. "Right now we are just working on touring and working on our show. We're working out the kinks just on that angle and we'll see what happens after there," explained Cut Chemist who added that the band is definitely considering getting in the studio down the line but hasn't made any concrete plans. "We're seeing how the show thing feels. We've been rehearsing for a couple of months and so far it's been great!" he added.

Jurassic 5 also revealed that they are documenting the entire process of getting the group back together and that rehearsals, tours, and behind-the-scenes footage is currently being collected for a documentary that they will be releasing in the near future.

Backstage at Coachella, the group was eager to perform. Though they were busy prepping for their set, they revealed that their Coachella 2013 "must see" acts were: Janelle Monae, Rodriguez, and 2Chainz. Akil was bummed that he had missed the set with Aesop Rock. Following our chat, they headed to their trailer to finalize preparations. Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark worked out some "DJ stuff" and props, while Zaakir led his bandmates in a pre-show prayer.