Neon Trees Doo Wop Justin Bieber

Rachel Been
Neon Trees

Odd as it may seem, buzzy Utah rock band Neon Trees hears the same ubiquitous songs playing everywhere out in the world, including Justin Bieber. This week, the quartet fearlessly puts a doo wop touch on the Biebz' big hit, "Baby."

"We tend to do more of a doo wop throwback vibe to a lot of our own songs, so we thought that ["Baby"] called for it," says mohawked Neon Trees frontman Tyler Glenn.

"We might as well cover something people are enjoying right now," Glenn says of the Biebz's No. 5 hit.

"And number two, he's a labelmate," says drummer Elaine Bradley, "So we thought it would be kind of a nice shout out. Hello Justin Bieber!"

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