Cody Simpson 'Steal's A Ben Harper Tune

Cody Simpson visits for a Ben Harper mashup.

It's tough to expect a 13-year-old to nail the romantic subtleties of Ben Harper's "Steal My Kisses," but Australian YouTube sensation Cody Simpson delivers a sumptuous rendition of the song for this week's installment of Mashup Mondays. The singer-songwriter performs an acoustic version of the track alongside a backing guitarist, and he even adds a Southern twang to some of the song's syllables.

"I used to sing that song a lot when I was younger," says Simpson of "Steal My Kisses," which originally peaked at No. 15 on the Adult Pop Songs chart in 2000 for Harper. "I used to play 'Steal My Kisses' with one of our good family-friends... he was an amazing guitar player, and it was just really fun to play that with him."

Photos: Cody Simpson Performs His Mashup

While Simpson has yet to invade the U.S. charts, "iYiYi," his debut single with rapper Flo Rida, has topped charts in Australia.

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