Katie Costello Keys Up Weezer

Mashup Mondays: Katie Costello

Armed with a pair of keyboards and her own delicate voice, Katie Costello reimagines Weezer's alt-rock classic, "Island In The Sun" in this week's Mashup Monday.

"I thought playing it on piano and obviously being a woman singer would be a nice spin on the song," the California native says of making the decade-old Weezer tune her own. "The version I wanted to make is a little darker and it's a nice challenge."

Photos: Katie Costello's Mashup Behind-The-Scenes

She may have only been 10 years old when Weezer put "Island In the Sun" in the top 20 of the Alternative Songs chart in 2001, but Costello was drawn to the tune because, "it's an extremely catchy song that seems happy. But I think it's actually kind of sad. So I was very fascinated and drawn to that fact."

The 20 year-old may be young enough to be Rivers Cuomo's daughter, but she is already an accomplished artist. She's released two albums, the latest of which, "Lamplight," came out in February.

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