Patrick Stump Rocks Big Boi's 'Shutterbugg'

Patrick Stump Rocks Big Boi's 'Shutterbugg'

The official Mashup Mondays season ended last month, and the 2011 run got a great reaction -- from Grace Potter hollering down the house on Beyonce's "Why Don't You Love Me," to Greyson Chance getting into "Empire State of Mind" and Wonder Girls rocking B.o.B. It was such a great reaction, in fact, that we've saved a few special Mashups for the fall, which we're rolling out each Monday starting today. First up, rock meets hip-hop as Fall Out Boy singer Patrick Stump tackles Big Boi's 2010 jam "Shutterbugg."

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Patrick Stump at Billboard

"The problem is I don't really fit in in rock or hip-hop, so I kinda just took a stab in the dark. I had been listening to that song a lot," Stump says of why he chose the Outkast MC's song. "I love that song and I was very psyched to do it."

But it wasn't exactly easy, he adds. "The challenge was all lyrical for me. Adding melody to it is usually really intuitive to me, once there's a rhythm over the key signature, melody just happens. When you have that template it's really easy to come up with something catchy. Remembering the words was the challenge," he laughs.

Of course Stump has a lot more going on than fun covers. As you can hear more about in the exclusive performance of "Spotlight (On Nostalgia) and in the Q&A below, he's been on the road (including a key slot at Lollapalooza) in support of his album, "Soul Punk," out Oct. 18. His current fall tour, with Panic! At The Disco, is making its way across the U.S. now.

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Patrick Stump performs "Spotlight (On Nostalgia)" at

Patrick Stump Q&A