Watch Kany García, ChocQuibTown & Yotuel Talk Social Justice in 'Cultura Clash' Premiere

What role should artists take when it comes to social justice issues? Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Kany García, Cuban artist Yotuel and ChocQuibTown's Goyo and Tostao come together for a candid conversation on speaking out and against social inequalities in the premiere episode of Billboard's Cultura Clash.

Hosted by Latin music and culture executive AJ Ramos, episode 1 was filmed live in Miami during Billboard's Latin Music Week. All four artists have been on the forefront of issues such as domestic violence, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ rights and political oppression, using social media and music as their platform to rally for change.

"There are moments when people would want to go out and raise a fist, and that moment should be accompanied by music," Tostao says.

Most recently, Yotuel's "Patria Y Vida" became the anthem of unprecedented anti-government protests in and out of Cuba. "Music has a major impact when it comes to social justice issues," Yotuel adds. "Music isn't just about numbers on Spotify or YouTube, music moves the conscience and inspires people."

Speaking out wasn't always an option for artists, argues García. "If we were talking about the role artists play when it comes to social justice issues 15 years ago, we'd say that the artist should not have an opinion on such matters or become associated with certain topics. But over the past few years, times have changed. We've realized that social media platforms aren't only there to promote our new single or our tour, they're there to help us move the masses."

Billboard's newly announced video series Cultura Clash will spotlight Latin artists and influencers who will be discussing trending topics within the Latin culture and music. The show will provide nuanced views on issues within the Latin space that affect both fans and the industry at large.

Cultura Clash will premiere new episodes every Wednesday on, social media and on Billboard's YouTube channel. Watch the first episode, in Spanish, on social justice issues above.