Lean Latin, Go Global

As Latin music continues to grow, Deep Dive looks at what’s happening now and what’s next, from the current explosion of regional Mexican acts like Grupo Firme to the new wave of stars. Plus: a data-driven look at the top Latin acts globally, and a directory of key labels, bookers, digital marketers and other businesses.

Who Are The Top Latin Music Artists on YouTube?

What’s driving the success of Latin music? A range of styles via the Caribbean, South America and Mexico, according to an analysis by YouTube. “There is no single signature sound or single country that serves as the focal point,” says music trends manager Kevin Meenan. Read more.

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Emerging Latin Music Styles: Six Genres You Should Know

While reggaetón still dominates the global charts, Gen Z artists are now generating hits by putting new spins on traditional music and fusing disparate styles — flamenco pop and urbano with Dominican dembow, for example — to create updated sounds. Read more.

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A Global Guide To The Latin Music Business

Latin music revenue rose 19% to an estimated $655 million in 2020, according to the RIAA. For those looking to get into the game, here’s a directory of the companies, executives and entrepreneurs in key markets. Read more.


The Story Behind Regional Mexican's Global Growth

A new generation of artists with new sounds like trap corridos is selling out arenas, drawing the attention of collaborators like Bad Bunny and Snoop Dogg, and connecting with listeners around the world. Read more.

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From left: Natanael Cano, Christian Nodal, Pedro Tovar of Eslabon Armado, Eduin Caz of Grupo Firme and Brian Tovar of Eslabon Armado.


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