Lunay, Chris Jedi, & Gaby Music Created A Live Hit in 30 Minutes at Latin Music Week 2021

Puerto Rican sensation Lunay and his longtime producers Chris Jedi and Gaby Music joined forces at Billboard’s 2021 Latin Music Week, where they created a live hit in only 30 minutes .

During Wednesday (Sept. 22) masterclass, moderated by Billboard’s Latin senior writer Griselda Flores, the three award-winning acts created an intro and chorus with 16 verses in total.

With computers, headphones, and a microphone on set, the trio began creating the melody, structuring the track, and adding a reggaeton rhythm, because, according to Gaby, the rhythm is what motivates the artist or composer to write. In between, Lunay and Jedi brainstormed on the lyrics.

The concept of the song? A man who admits he messed up and can’t forget his first love.

“The most important thing about creating music is that we have to vibe with the music. We have to really, really like the song,” Jedi said during the panel. “The first step is to vibe with it and feel confident, and not create a beat because it’s in style or trending.”

In no time, the three artists created what could possibly become their next banger.

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