'Livestreaming In An Amazon World' Offers Insights on Twitch at 2021 Latin Music Week

It shouldn't surprise anyone that by 2021, we're living in an extremely digital world – and that includes the music business. Even compared to five years ago, a digital presence is more important than ever for up-and-coming artists who use livestreaming to connect with complete strangers and turn them into fans.

That was a focal point of a Tuesday (Sept. 21) afternoon panel at Billboard Latin Music Week 2021 entitled Livestreaming in an Amazon World: How Artists Are Partnering With the Platform to Create Fascinating Content and Engage With Fans Presented by Amazon Music LAT!N. Moderated by Cristina Martín, senior artist marketing manager, Amazon Music, a panel of artists and industry movers talked about the importance of livestreaming and the Amazon-owned platform Twitch, including the LatinUp channel on Twitch.

"On Twitch, the great thing about it is the audience engagement," said Elisa Cogo. "On a lot of streaming platforms, you watch the artist, but the difference here is the community involvement."

"I compare it to crowds, theaters, because it's such a more personal thing," explained Puerto Rican rapper Guaynaa.

"It's about having a concept and telling a story," said Rich Music co-founder/COO Josh Mendez. "This is a trampoline for new artists… it's an important thing for developing artists to have, those eyeballs."

"When I was coming up, we didn't have a platform like this to see how you make the song," mused DJ/producer Dimelo Flow. "I can use this platform to show them how I make the song with the artist. I can say 'we're gonna do this today, promote it, interact with our fans and create a new song.' I love, as a fan, to get to see that process. Every fan loves to see the process – how you make the song, how you record the song, how you mix the song, how you make the beat."

"This kind of platform gives me an opportunity as an artist… to show [new music] to our crowd or new friends," said Guaynaa. "I think this is arguably the evolution of music."

"It's not just people tuning in because they want to hear Latin music," said Cogo of the platform's global appeal. "We try to make everything truly bilingual." Even so, she says "some of my favorite chat mentions are, 'I don't know what they're saying, but it's awesome! What is this?' You're reaching this whole other community."

Flow agreed. "If I listen to somebody and I like it, I'm gonna pay attention and keep tuning in."
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