Latin Pride: Pabllo Vittar on Making Art to Help Others Find Their Voice & Identity

Pablo Vittar
Bryan Huynh

Pablo Vittar

Pabllo Vittar (real name: Phabullo Rodrigues da Silva) was 18 years old when she first went out in drag. “I felt gorgeous and I haven’t stopped wearing makeup since,” she previously told Billboard.

The now-27-year-old singer and drag superstar, who credits RuPaul as her ultimate idol, hopes to inspire up-and-coming artists and fans in the LGBTQ+ community to find their voice and identity.

“I strive to make art and provide a message, to help others like me hopefully do the same,” she says.

Vittar has become a household name in her home country of Brazil with her fierce, unapologetic and empowering tunes. She’s gotten on the international radar by collaborating with artists such as Diplo, Lali, Charli XCX, Anitta and Thalia, to name a few.

In celebration of Pride Month, Vittar opens up about how coming out has impacted her art and how she will be celebrating Pride this year.

How did the decision to come out impact your art? Did you ever have an LGBTQ+ idol growing up?

I was lucky enough to never have to actually come out! I grew up in an open-minded, full of love family. For drag in my teenage years, RuPaul opened so many doors for me as a kid growing up in a small town. So I strive now to make art and provide a message, to help other kids like me growing up, hopefully, do the same. I'm paying it forward!

Would you say the industry is more accepting of the LGBTQ+ community compared to when you first started your career?

Totally! The industry has welcomed me with open arms and I couldn’t be more thankful. Their support has been so helpful to reach fans, specifically young fans, who are still finding their identity and voice. To reach them, to give them the confidence to be who they truly are.

What would you say to new artists who are on the rise and unsure about coming out?

Take your time and don’t rush anything! We all come from different backgrounds and life experiences, so don’t force anything. This is different for everyone, but in my experience through my music and drag, I have been able to connect to so many people around the world who have shared life experiences. We support each other. It not only gives me a support system, but a network to share ideas and push my art further!

Any up-and-coming LGBTQ+ artist you’re excited about?

My best friend, Urias! She just released her new EP, FÚRIA PT1. It is on repeat for me every day, and I can’t wait until we can all be together in clubs to hear it out loud. Her music is impossible to ignore once you hear it, she is an icon!

This year, I'll be celebrating Pride by:

Putting out my new record, "Batidão Tropical," on June 24th.