J Balvin Teams Up With UPS to Support Small Businesses: 'I Know What It's Like to Start From Scratch'

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The COVID-19 outbreak greatly impacted small businesses around the world, including in the Latinx community. As things slowly but surely return to normal, J Balvin has partnered with UPS to support Latinx-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs amid the pandemic.

“My early days in music felt very comparable to getting a small business off the ground so I know what it means to start from scratch and chase your dreams,” he tells Billboard.

The partnership, part of UPS’ Proudly Unstoppable campaign, counts with an exclusive song and video at the helm of Balvin called “Juntos Imparables,” which he hopes will “inspire people to work together and support their local businesses.”

In support, Balvin and UPS teamed up with TikTok to get their message across via a social media challenge that will encourage “entrepreneurs and small businesses to get more exposure, and business,” Balvin expresses, ultimately helping fuel these businesses’ growth.

In addition to Balvin’s new campaign song and video, UPS launched a bilingual limited edition box series (650,000 UPS medium-sized Express boxes and envelopes) called “Challenges Are Our Fire,” by Mexican graphic designer and illustrator, Luis Pinto. UPS is also committed to donating $150,000 to the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) so that the small businesses impacted by the pandemic receive the direct financial support needed.

“UPS is doing so much to help small businesses handle their logistics and grow,” Balvin notes. “As individuals, we can only do so much but if we work together with our people, we’re unstoppable.”

Watch “Juntos Imparables” below:

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