Carin Leon & Jessi Uribe on Their First-Ever Collab: 'A Union of Two Genres That Could Become One'

Carin Leon & Jessi Uribe
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Carin Leon & Jessi Uribe

The first collaboration between Carin Leon and Jessi Uribe is an emotional and melancholic ranchera that finds both men despechados, or heartbroken.

Penned by Leon and Javier Gonzalez (El Tamarindo), "Resultó Muy Perra" -- a play on words that may give a negative a connotation if you don't listen to the lyrics first -- is about yet another failed relationship due to their bad luck with love. With both Leon and Uribe known for their mighty deliveries of emotionally-packed lyrics that tug at your heartstrings, this new track is no exception.

"In Colombia, we're big fans of beautiful lyrics and emotional performances -- the type that make you cry. Carin can do that," says Uribe, who is part of the growing movement of “música regional (or popular),” Colombia's version of regional Mexican music.

It's not the first time Uribe has collaborated with a regional Mexican act. In the past, he'd teamed up with Espinoza Paz and Joss Favela. But it is Leon's first collaboration with a música popular singer.

"Música popular from Colombia really goes hand-in-hand with our genre, so it's been a great feedback and I do think that in the near future, these two genres will become one. When we join forces, we'll only be able to reach more places and our sound will grow. It's a win-win situation for all of us," Leon says.

The pair will perform their new song together on June 28 at the annual Heat Latin Music Awards in the Dominican Republic. "It's the first time I'll be visiting the Dominican Republic and to be able to perform at an event where they focus on urban music, it just shows you that the what we're doing with the genre is something special," Leon adds.

Watch the music video for Leon and Uribe's "Resultó Muy Perra" below.