Latin Remix of the Week: Maluma Joins Colombian Newcomer Blessd on 'Imposible'

Blessd, Maluma

(L-R) Blessd, Maluma

On Jan. 27, Colombian newcomer Blessd dropped his first single of the year, “Imposible,” which also marked his 21st birthday. Almost four months later, he reeled in urban global star Maluma for the remix, out Thursday (May 13).

With more than 3 million views on YouTube, the original track put Blessd -- a rising rapper based in Medellin -- on the radar. “This [song] is the beginning of my career, which will showcase me on a professional level,” he expressed in a statement, adding that with “Imposible,” he’s entering the big leagues.

Evidently, it caught the attention of established Colombian artist Maluma, who is not only on the remix, but also gave Blessd his stamp of approval on social media.

“Medellín on the map!” he wrote. “There’s a bunch of promising artists coming from the motherland and I want them to shine. It won’t be like the old days, where ego didn’t let people work together. Business is business and friendship is friendship. I’m vouching for mine.”

Produced by Latin hitmakers The Prodigiez (J Cortes and Young Crunk), “Imposible (Remix)” is a juicy, sensual reggaeton track about two people who are curious about being with each other despite being in another relationship. Maluma’s flirtatious vocals tie in with the infectious melody as Blessd flaunts his refreshing rapping skills.

Unlike the original music video, where Blessd performs the song at a barbershop, Maluma and Blessd are hanging out with the bros and riding around town in luxurious cars.

“We hope that this opportunity will serve to motivate new talents to work hard and realize that great artists, producers, entrepreneurs and important personalities of the industry have their eyes set on Colombia,” The Prodigiez commented.

Watch Billboard’s Latin Remix of the Week below: